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This 136”x1,25”x15” Talon 32 track was tested by Woody's Traction for a total of 3,045 miles.

  • 2014 Polaris Rush Switchback with clutch kit and stock suspension.
  • Woody's Trigger 1,325 studs with Ang-3775 angled backer plates.
  • 216 studs for 1200 miles, 180 studs for 1200 miles, and 144 studs for 645 miles.

Test results:

  • Clips stayed firm and did not shift under load.
  • We saw no abnormal wear or broken rods during testing.
  • We had 6 studs bend and double plates bend during test with no track damage.
  • Good looking track without the white cords showing like other tracks.
  • In 4-6 inches of snow it really worked well and accelerated and de-accelerated better than anything we have tested.