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  • Talon 38


    Talon 38

    Talon 38 series track with 1.5” lug gives superior off trail traction in soft, loose snow. Asymmetric lug pattern provides excellent acceleration, braking and handling. Reinforced side lugs increase stability and prevent delamination and tearing. Talon 38 is perfect for everyday riding or aggressive riders who push the limit.

  • TALON 45


    Talon 45

    Trail? Backcountry? Racing? Doesn’t matter where you are or how you want to ride. Talon 45 series track is a new standard to cross country/snow riding. Outstanding traction and control in soft snow, rough terrain, or on the race circuit! The Talon 45 features the next generation lug design that gives amazing acceleration and precision handling through the turns.